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      Wink I'm 12 (nearly 13) and looking for friends

      Hey, I'm Kirsty,
      And I'm twelve, nearly thirteen and I live in Grange in Adelaide.
      I love reading, writing stories and I play netball.
      I moved in June of 2009 from Glasgow, Scotland.
      I'm looking for some new friends.

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      hiya im niamh!
      im nearly 13 too:)
      im moving to adalaide at christmas!:D
      what are the schools like?

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      Hey Niamh!
      Thanks 4 replying to my post.
      Whereabouts do u live now? Whereabouts r u gonna live in Adelaide?
      Schools r gr8 here but it is a little easier than it is in Britain. Everyone is really friendly so even if you find making friends hard it is very easy here.

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      hi kirsty

      im nearly thirteen im moving to adelaide on the 10th of september,were hoping to live in morphett vale or portnoarlunga

      i like fishing and cycliny and i love hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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