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    Thread: Secondary education - need some help fast please!!

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      If you email DECS Department of Education and Children's Services


      as well, I found them really helpful
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      I have spent the best part of two years tutoring students albeit ESL, college entry, and all the way up to and through Masters at many of the institutions in the Adelaide, Uni Adelaide, UniSA, Flinders, SACE, Eynesbury etc. I have in that time helped Eynesbury College students, the less said about the quality of instruction the better; as for feedback and marking its not at a standard applied namely not timely nor thorough. They do offer 1 year diploma's especially in commerce as entry routes to university this is after a certificate level qualification that is a precursor - it is extremely costly as an International around $16k year. The diploma gives you a year of university credit. However, I would strongly and highly recommend the following University Senior College at http://www.usc.adelaide.edu.au/ this would track you to The University of Adelaide, my partner is an academic at the University and it is a fine institution so going to the college would be my suggestion if you chose Adelaide. However, economically I would save the cost as A levels are free in UK in state schools you will be paying for education here unless you are on a PR.

      As someone who back in the dark ages did GCE O levels in 70's then left before completing my A levels I would recommend completing them although it didn't affect me I walked into university in 1982 at 23 with 5 O'levels never sat any entrance exams, but things have changed since then the easier you can make the entrance process for admissions staff and create as many opportunities for your tertiary education the better.

      Best of luck in your decision.

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      Don't panic if your daughter will not have the SACE or an ATAR as there is the STAT test (Special Tertiary Admissions Test)!

      I know a couple of kids who got into uni this way. One hadn't completed SACE, the other just hadn't achieved the necessary ATAR. I believe one of the main criteria for the STAT is that the applicant is 18 before the start of the uni year, which also makes it suitable for adult returners.

      I wouldn't worry too much. If your daughter is keen to get her SACE, I am sure as she will be able to. What you are proposing is not so unusual....and remember, high school can go up to Year 13 for those that need it/want to spread the SACE load.

      Finally, although it's always good to focus on English and Maths, SACE subjects can be pretty varied and include psychology, media, child studies, IT etc and SACE points are awarded for VET courses, TAFE courses, hospitality or even from working at some of the fast food places! SA is keen to get as many kids through as possible (although the Research Project is a big pain).

      And with PR, I don't think uni will cost you any more than it would a citizen although I don't think you would be eligible for a HECS debt (or whatever it's called nowadays!).
      Hope that helps a bit :)

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      HI, have beeb re-reading all the posts about maisie and her schooling - we have now arrived and are now in the process of trying to sort out a school for Maisie - we have been to one that has advised that Maisie needs to go into Year 11 - even though she is now 17, and complete year 11 and then year 12 - she has all her 10 GCSE's from the Uk which are all A's - we were under the impression that these would be converted into Sace results for Year 11 sh she passes, so that she can join Year 12, with her age group - we are now somewhat confused and Maisie is somewhat taken aback that all her work from the UK is not being used and basically she has to go back to Year 11 and do it all again - can anyone help us through this rather confusing situation - also as Maisie is joining a school after easter (hopefully) the subjects she has been given are basically all the subjects that no one wants as the better subject classes are full!! Maisie is academic, wants to do Modern History, Pe, Maths English etc.....the subjects she been offered apart from the core ones (maths english) are Art, Woodwork etc.....any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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      The problem with her going into yr 12 now is that really the yr 12s only have 2 full terms left, they will have already had tests and coursework submitted for marking and your daughter would find it hard to catch up on these and the test scores might be impossible to do. It probably is better if she goes into yr 11 as she can settle into the school system and you can find a school without rushing. Many people have had their GCSEs count towards their SACE 1. Yera 12 is short and they really need to hit the ground running from day 1 in January as their course work counts for 70 % of their mark,they also have to do a research project which a lot of schools begin in yr 11 to get it out of the way. Perhaps ring different schools and state which subjects your daughter would like to do and if they can accommodate her.

      Also perhaps look at yr 11 as a year to consolidate her work in the Aus style rather than going backwards, some things will be the same, others wont be. If she finds the going easier then she can enjoy the leeway this gives her and perhaps she could get a job after school, which is very common here or have the time to pursue other activities.

      Also if your daughter plans to go to Uni as soon as she can, then you will have to pay her uni fees up front until you are eligable and gain citizenship. The most expensive course is medicine which currently is about $ 9000 a year. Citizens can defer this cost until they are working but PR students have to pay up front per semester. Two years at school, perhaps a gap year and then you would only have to pay for a year and olan for this. Just something to consider.

      Don't look at her doing yr 11 as a step backwards, just look at it giving her more time to find her feet here.
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