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      The Cartwright Family

      Secondary Schools in Adelaide Hills

      Hi everyone,

      We think we would like to live in the Adelaide Hills. Can anyone tell us the names of and how good or bad the secondary schools are in the area please. Unfortunately private schools are not an option.

      Any help you can give us would be appreciated.


      Julia, Kent, Chris (13) and Ellie (2)

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      Hi there Cartwrights,

      Firstly, sorry this hasn't been answered earlier. Hopefully this information is still relevant for you or you have found a great school already :-)

      Don't worry about private schools not being an option for you - there are a range of good public schools in the Adelaide Hills with a real sense of community.

      It depends on where you are going to live in the Adelaide Hills, but I have heard very good things about Birdwood High School. You can see where Birdwood is on www.whereis.com.au . Otherwise the Mt Barker area is expanding very quickly and I'm sure there are a few good public schools around there.

      Hanhdorf is a very good are with high standards for work and education, if there is a school around there I would recommend checking it out.




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