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      im coming in nine days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      hi im alice

      we have just booked OUR TICKETS,we are flying out on the 10th of september, i am looking forward to the flight,i have looked on the cathy pacific website there are lots of stuff to do like (movie,music,games) even the food looks nice hahaha

      is anyone else going soon?


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      Hello, I'm Katherine. I'm 15.
      I'm going in December, where abouts you going to live in Adelaide? :)

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      hi katherine

      we are going to morphett vale for our rented accomadation but we hope to live near aldinga beach so we're near the sea. I am 12 nearly 13.


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      Hi Alice I'm Lisa Im 13. I replied to you before.
      I am going next spring with my family. where are you going to live in adelaide?
      And what school will you be going to?

      Im going home tomorrow. I stayed in Brighton for 2 weeks now. Me and my family had decided to live in Aussie
      For ever and still cannot wait to come back to live.

      People over here are nice and hope you make loads of friends.
      Good luck mate and enjoy it here ok



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