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      St John's Grammar

      Hi, I'm trying to find a primary school for my 5 yr old daughter. I've been recommended St John's Grammar by my prospective employer - his kids and his colleague's son go there. I've had a look at the website, which surprisingly says v positive things, but I'd appreciate some feedback from parents in Adelaide on the best schools academically. Although my daughter's young, she's very bright and has reading age of 11. I need somewhere for her which is going to challenge her academically. Public or private, I just want the best place. Thanks :-)

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      My 3 Children go to St Johns Grammar.

      Academically advanced students are catered for at the school.
      They have specialist Extension Techer for the junior primary and another for the upper primary. The current specialist extension techer for the junior primary(ages 5 to 8) is excellent.
      They have extension programs for both Maths and English. The children are tested before they are excepted into these programs.
      They also break all students up for the project work into what they call "Learnings Teams". The Teams are streamed so that the more advanced students go with the extension techer for this work. The middle group of children stay with the classroom teacher and the lower lever of children go with the Special Learning Needs teacher.

      St Johns is pretty good for advanced children. I have heard that Westminster is also very good. However you are looking at $4000 per year more to go to Westminster.

      Hope this helps!



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