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      Tuition Fee of International Student Dependents

      I'm an international student from the Philippines and my intake is this November. I have an 8 year old daughter but I'm wondering if how much would be her tuition fee? Is there anyone here on a student visa with their kids? How much are you paying for primary tuition fee?

      I've heard its $4,400 but have read somewhere else that someone is paying only around $200 per year.


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      Not sure you'll get a good reply on this subject as this is a site for poms and ex poms and we usually come over on a business class or sponsored or PR visa. Try contacting a primary school and ask them. My daughter goes to Braeview in Happy Valley. You can google their website and give them a ring, they are a public school so whatever they charge for internatinal will be very similar in other public schools.

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      If u r on a student visa u will pay the same as the rest of us in this state for your kids to go to school - approx $300, in other states like NSW it would be about 4k.

      I assume you will be on a 573 visa?

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      Have a read here: it's very self- explanatory

      You will see that some categories of student visa do have to pay international fees for their dependents, but some don't
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