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    Thread: International Baccalaureate - How important?

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      International Baccalaureate - How important?

      [FONT=tahoma, verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]When choosing a secondary school, how important is it that the school offers International Baccalaureate? If my daughter wants to return to the UK to do Uni, will she be able to with the standard Oz qualifications or will she experience difficulties gaining recognition for these?

      (I have posted this question on Poms in Oz and got the general response that IB is better than Oz quals. Have posted here, because there may be more longer term members on this site with a view on this. Thanks)

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      I would have thought any decent university would recognise the "normal" Australian Year 12 qualification, in the same way that an Australian Uni would recognise A Levels ... but you might be better off contacting a few UK Unis and getting the answer "straight from the horse's mouth" as it were.
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      We have always been told by our children's schools that the SACE is accepted for entrance to UK unis. Australian education is not second or third class. It is different to UK education but it educates Australian and a lot of paying overseas students to a high level. Diane is right though check with a few UK unis. I know that kids who gain a certain level in IB bacc here in Sciences can skip first semester in those subjects at uni.
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      You should also be aware that your daughter will be charged international fees if she goes back to the UK for uni.



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