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    Thread: Hi again!

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      alice in wonderlaide

      Hi again!

      Hi again!
      Thanks to repiling to my last post!
      Your advice makes me feel a little bit more happy, but I'm not really sure still.
      I know I'll miss all my friends and family so much!
      but as we are going i really want to make new friends that are going through the same thing coz my firends at school really don't know wha it feels like.:v_SPIN:
      So Hi I'm Alice and I'm 13, I'm just a normal teenager! If you could give me any advice about anything it would be fab thanks!

      Love Alice:(

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      its me again just posting another reply. I was so shocked when my parents told me that i was moving but i have been here 2 weeks and its fab the weather is the bomb and i have stayed in touch with my familiy ofer the phone and i have spocken to my friends ofer msn only on weekends though i havent made any friends just yet becuse i am starting school next tuesday.

      hope to here from you soon

      from Nieve:v_SPIN:


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