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      good public high school

      How do you think about these five public high school in Adelaide?
      Adelaide High, Glenunga International High, Unley High, Marryatville High, Norwood High--
      Which one is the best in academic or you like best?
      I want to get more ideas about that and decide to move to the school zone for my daughter.

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      I would say Adelaide High and Marryatville High have the best reputations. Marryatville is well known as a school of musical excellence. Having said that I have not heard anything bad about the other schools either. The ones I mentioned may just have higher public profiles. Sorry that isn't much help!

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      All of the schools you mentioned have very good reputations. I would say that you would need to visit each school to see which one suits your daughter best. I assume that each would have their own website for you to look at too.

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      All of these schools have strong academic backgrounds and have longstanding histories. They were all the original "high schools" when most children went onto technical high schools and left at 15. Adelaide and unley have rowing teams and also offer Latin. Adelaide High has a special language stream where the child studies 2 languages until yr 10. Glenunga has an international focus and all chidren follow the IB curriculum for middle years program until yr 10. Glenunga also offers the Ignite programme for students of advanced ability. Norwood - Morialta is split over 2 campuses, yrs 8-10 at the Morialta campus and yr 11 -12 at the kensington campus. Marryatville has a strong music focus. All of these schools because of their reputation have strongly zoned catchment areas. Adelaide High is bursting at the seams and will not accept out of zone placements unless there is a reason. How old is your daughter? It is easiest to get into these schools at yr 8 entry level, but spaces do occur or as you say you can live in the zone, but this doesn't work for Adelaide High who have special permission not to have to accept enrolments. What subjects interest your daughter?
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      My daughter is in year 5 now, and she likes to play piano. Thanks for all the information, I need visit each school and then make a decision.



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