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      Hi I'm Jordan

      Hello to everyone on this forum, I am 9 years old, 10 in March. I love football I support Manchester United and I play most sports and I am moving to Adelaide in March/April time. Would like to chat to other kids on here.


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      Hi Jordan
      my name is Bailey and i have been here for 5 months now. where in essex do you live, i used to live in Harlow. i support west ham and i am 7


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      Hi Bailey,

      I live in Basildon, which I'm sure you've heard of. Do you like living in Adelaide? What's your school like? and have you joined any football teams.

      Keep in touch.


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      Hi Jordan, i'm 9 aswell, 10 in March. I love football and my favourite team is Rangers F.C. I play most sports and am on my school's handball team. Whereabouts are you moving to in Adelaide.

      Hope to here from you soon,

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      Hi Ally, my birthday is also in March 14th, when's yours. Not sure yet where in Adelaide we'r moving to yet, where are you? Getting a little scared now about moving and leaving all my friends, how did you cope.

      Keep in touch

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      I'm not in oz yet, but i'll be there soon, as i just got my visa today,

      my birthday is on the 24 march

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      Hi Ally, well done on getting your visa, I bet your well excited. We should be there in March/April so when you get here, we can meet up.



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