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      Post How long have you been here???

      Hi I am Meggy and I am 11 I wana know how long all you peeps I have been here I have been here 4 a year in july.

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      Hey Meggy...Im 16 and Ive been here for just over 3 yrs

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      taylor family
      hi meggy
      i,m lauren & 11 in april
      we also live in woodcroft
      and have been here a year in may
      pm me if you fancy a chat

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      heya meg christie here agen
      me and my family have been here since the 21st of november 2007 !
      so not that long ! although t seems like we've been here agers !!!
      any way i am just wonderin if any one on here lives in greenwith or
      around greenwith (if you get me ) i am 11 12 in feb !
      pm i u wanna get to no each other or hang out some time !
      love christie xxxx


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