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      super ally
      Thanks to everyone for the help and support, as you see, i've got quite far.


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      super ally
      Congratulations for everyone else who is near to getting, or has thier visa!


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      Well done...great feeling


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      You only just got your Visa and your going in Feb, thats quick.

      Were getting everything sorted and going in June, and I wouldnt let mam and dad go before my birthday in April, as Im having a huge swim party for all my friends.

      Do you know where your going to be living when you get to Adelaide, and what school you may be going to.

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      super ally
      Hi Olivia, I am moving to hopefully Hallet Cove and I will go to Hallet Cove Primary School.

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      awsome !

      heya ! i am christie !
      congretulations ! your comein to aussie ! !!!
      i cried when i got my ! coz i didn't wanna come !
      but i like it now !
      thats a LIKE not love !
      christie xxxx

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      Cool i hope you enjoy goin' to auz!Where abouts are you going?

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      Hi Ally ,Sorry its taken me so long to reply.No we don't know anyone in Adelaide , not even been before.I think we are moving to Morphet Vale are (ish).Mum and dad not decided yet.
      When are you going? We hope to get our visas soon - mum and dad checking emails everyday....

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      Hi super ally
      My name is Abbie and Im 10 years old also thinking of moving to Oz!

      well done on getting your visas for Australia hope you have/having a nice time in Australia

      from Abbie

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      Congratulations. we hope to get our visas this time next year



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