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      The ryders in oz

      St Mary's Catholic primary school Glenelg


      can anybody tell me about St Marys primary school in glenelg, we are moving to west beach at the end of november, finding the best school possible in and around this area is really important to us. Any info would be greatly recieved


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      I recall reading something about this school in the past. I can't comment personally but as we will be living in Glenleg I'll be interested to hear what is said. I know more of the other two primary schools in Glenelg but until we are there, won't be able to check them out properly or comment as to how I find them.

      I have heard that Catholic schools do tend to be on the good side so here is hoping for you :)

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      The ryders in oz
      Just wish they had ofstead, makes life so much easier when schools are graded. thanks for input though. x

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      St Mary's is a small school. It is set in a side street off Jetty Rd in Glenelg. It covers Reception to Grade 5 as it is part of the South West group of Catholic schools. At grade 6 the children usually transfer to Cabra a large coed college for yrs 6-12 or to Marymount for girls and Sacred Heart Middle for boys in yrs 6-9, before joining together again for yrs 10-12 at Sacred Heart. The Naplan results for this school for the last 3 years are above average when compared to both schools with children from similar background and nationally. Parents are usually involved with activities with their children and the children I have seen around and about look neat and behave well. They have the usual sports days etc.

      Here's the latest newsletter http://www.stmarys.adl.catholic.edu.au/newsletter.pdf
      and here is the annual report http://www.stmarys.adl.catholic.edu...._report.pdfThe language studied at this school is Japanese.
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      The ryders in oz
      Wow thanks for that, just want things to be as near as perfect for the kids, I think I'm struggling more than them with the thought of them starting a new school and leaving all their little friends behind

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      My friend teaches at st marys and says it's fab..
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      Hi There,

      we are in Glenelg at the moment - arrived 2 weeks ago and need to make a choise on houses, however this depends on schools,
      Did your children attend st marys after? or did you visit there? would be interested in what you thought of withregards to schools?




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