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      Babies in Adelaide

      Any primary schools that take children at 3 years?

      Hi, I was wondering if there are any private or public schools that take children as young as 3 years old. We have come from Dubai where the primary school do start at 3 & 4 year olds. It sounds like here they don't take them until they are 5 and just from what I have heard there are long waiting lists to get in. We are living in the Glenelg area so any help on schools around that area would be wonderful. I have been looking at montessori too as I know they start at 3....any help would be greatly received :)


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      Actual schooling starts at 5. Not a bad thing IMHO.

      You are probably looking for nursery type placement. Different to school.

      I know some private schools in the UK offer a nursery section also between 3 and when a child starts school but am not aware of this being the case in SA/Adelaide. Even in the UK schools, its not actual school they are attending but a nursery within it, following the Early Years Foundation (or Montessori or some such).

      Have a look for threads on nurseries and the like. Hopefully someone will be along with more info for you later.

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      Hello, there are no state primaries that will take a three Yr old, they have to be 5. Within 20 mins of you, there is Westminster School at Marion. It is an R-12 school, but they have montessori for 3 yr olds and up. Annesley College in Wayville takes from 2 yrs old into their Early Learning Centre as of next year. This school is a Junior school as of next year becoming coed and there will be places probably. In the ELC they follow Reggio Emilia methodology and if the kids go on into the school which is R-6 they follow the IB Primary Yrs Programme. On the southern side of the CBD there is Pulteney Grammar, a coed R-12 which also has an ELC, they take children at 3 1/2 . Otherwise you will have to access Montisorris or Childcare centres. In Glenelg there is also St Peters Woodlands , a private primary R-7 and they have a toddler programme for 3-4 yr olds and preschool for 4-5 yr olds. Will add more later or feel free to PM me. I have to go out now.
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