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      me n ollie strictly(NO ADULTS)

      hi ollie agen i just tht id start a new 1 bcoz smebdy disrupted ours not mentioning names lol anyways i hope you had fun watchin the arlygle i did lol they shud have won by miles watford were lucky m8 im so happy that chelsea gt bak int o it
      wat do u fink abt the ilverpool draw psv ayy gd side !!

      wb m8 briggsy

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      argyle were unluky

      ye argyle were so unlucky if they didnt have ben foster in goal we wud of won bout 3-0 , did ya watch on tv i went dwn to the game i got lee dixons autograph umm ye liverpool draw waz awesome the best posible draw i think chelsea hv valencia wat do u think bout tat if we get trhough we liverpool will b playin chelsea anyway we got national cup game 2day we r missin all of scool 2day cuz we r goin up 2 dorset we r playin the best team in england they won the national cup last year in year 7 but we werent entered hopefully we can beat them who hv u got nxt round m8 ? wb briggsy cheeerz

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      im a bit worried abt da chelsea draw they have a few gd players david villa especially gd luk tday m8 we have gt a team calld rainham eagles in da final i will let you know how dat goes newayz yer i watched plymouth on tv wat a game lol lee dixon was der :S:S:S :?

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      ye lee dixon was dere i got hiz autograph oh we lost 2-1 but we were playin a middle scool and the year starts from 5 to 8 and the pitch was a 7 aside pithc they were from dorset wb from ollie

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      wat u mean da year start from 5 to 8:S:S

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      the youngest people at the school were 10 years old and the oldest were 13 so the pitch was small for the 10 years olds it was a 7 a side pitch


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