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      Hi I'm Robbie, I'm 14 and I just thought that I'd come and say hi to everyone who's parents are taking them to Adelaide. What's it like out there?
      What is the football like out there and who is the best team to support?

      From Robbie Mathieson, 14 from Ardrossan (Scotland)

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      I'm Eleanor and I'm 12. Me and my family are moving to Adelaide hopefully by next January-February!

      I have absolutely no idea () about what the football is like out there!!

      Just thought i would drop by and say hi to you lol!

      Speak to you soon

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      well ive been to adelaide and am hopfulli moooving there
      im paige and im 13
      adlelaide is gr8
      you will love it there are so many grate place to go
      feeding kangaroos
      holding koalas
      indoor and owtdoor pools
      loads and loads of sports to do
      gr8 sun and beaches

      i hope to hear from you sooon :) bi xxx


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