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      15 year old gcse - go or wait ?

      my step son will be going with us when we get to aus but he is in the third year or year nine and will be starting his gcse next year which is most likely when we will be going (hopefully) will this be problem starting schools over there. As i think he will be more practical rather than academic , i know over there they can chose to learn a trade in school , when do they do this...

      i know a lot of questions but i suppose im really worried about messing up his schoolling if anybody has moved with a 14yr old please help..

      thanks lucy & Chris:o

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      your problem is similar to mine. we hope to go next year when daughter will be 14, await any replies

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      We left the Uk when my son was almost 17 and daughter almost 14. My son went back a year and joined yr 11 ( this is the first exam yr, there are 2 years to do the SACE exam yr11 and 12)
      My daughter went into yr 9 as he was 14 by time school started, she is now in yrr11, my sone has left with a very good ter and will be doing a double degree at Flinders soon.
      All in all they settled perfectly well here..... I am aone of those people here who think the education system is far better than the UK. In fact a lot of people think the same, nless their kids went to a private or small state school in the uK


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