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      good schools needed

      hi we are moving to Adelaide in 12-18 months my 3 children will then be 14 11 & 7 years old. All 3 are baptized so can also go to catholic schools but not essential, just looking for nice friendly schools that they can be happy and get a good education from. also when does the school year start is it the same as uk in September or different if so when is the cut off date for each year ie birthdays?

      thanks emma

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      The school year usually starts at the end of January and finishes mid December when we have our summer holidays. This year it was the 30th. Private schools may start then but some start a week later. The school year is divided into four terms, so they get three lots of holidays of 2 weeks duration during the school year. There are no mid term holidays. As your children are all of school age already, they will probably just be placed in the most age appropriate year level.If you were here now your children would probably be in year 9, 6 and 2. or the year above depending if they were going to have a birthday in the next month or so. As for schools themselves there is a lot of choice. For state schools, you should probably find an area you like to live in and then look at the local schools first. Most primary schools aren't zoned, but most high schools are, so this for instance may decide where you wish to live if you find a high school you like. If you are going to pay for Catholic schools then you can choose any if they have places. There are also some single sex Catholic schools. Give us some more info about what you are looking for and I give you some further info regarding available schools.
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