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    Thread: do u know ?

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      do u know ?

      hi its georgia and i want some info about moving to oz and the every day life in ozzy.every 1 wants to go but i dont ......please right back :plove georgia

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      hi... im paige !!!!
      i am moving to aelaide soo...
      i cant tell you much but i have been there for three weeks on holidy..
      it is really hot and there are many fun places to go!!!
      there are places where ypu can feed kangaroos and hold koals!!!
      there are indoor and outdoor pools itis really fun
      the only bad part is leavinn all your friends but you can still keep in contactwiv them

      writ back soon please bye xxx

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      Hi Georgia!

      well. i dont know all that much about Oz considering i have never been there!!!!

      I am hopefully moving to Adelaide in January 2009.

      I want to go because it will be an amazing experience!

      Yes. Everybody misses their friends and family but it's not like you're never going to see them again!

      i hope that you eventually want to go!


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      Hi Georgia
      I'm Abbie and I'm 10years old and we are thinking of moving to Oz!!!!!!!!!

      Well the big deal about Australia is that they have much more friendly people,hot sun and warm sandy
      beaches and when you get home from school you can go for a swim in the pool or go to the beach and boby board!

      Well hope to hear from you
      From Abbie

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      Nick & Jo
      Hi Georgia, i am lucy i am also moving to australia, luckily i went there last year for a holiday so i know what its like. Their winter is like our summer! so it must be hot in the summer! i have lots of relatives in australia and they write to me so they can give me more info
      See ya!!
      Lucy xxx


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