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    Thread: Will my son start in primary or secondary school

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      Will my son start in primary or secondary school


      We are emigrating to Adelaide this sept. my son's b'day is in January (he will be 13 next Jan). He will be starting school this October term but would it be in primary or secondary school? Im hoping its primary school but would like some confirmation please.

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      Hi Paula

      Your son is the same age as my daughter, Phoebe - who will be 13 next Jan. She is currently in Year 7.

      Its not so cut and dry here - But most primary schools end after Year 7 - so yes, he will have one last year in primary.

      However, some 'high' schools begin in year 6 (Seaford 6-12 for example)......

      My daughters go to Tatachilla Lutheran College, which is a school from Reception to year 12....

      Bit confusing, but hope this helps!

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Yes your son would fit very nicely into Yr7 and the last term of Primary school is very sociable for year 7s, finishing with their graduation and parties etc. They also do transition to high school in this term, usually with a few visits to the high school they will be going to to orientate them etc. I would advise you to pick the high school you really like, find somewhere to live within the zone for it, then find a primary school which feeds it. Your son will hopefully make friends during term 4 to see him over the summer holidays and then with the start of high school next year comes another chance as all the kids will be new.
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