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    Thread: Where UK kids fit into Australian Education System

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      Where UK kids fit into Australian Education System

      Please can someone advise on what stage or level my three kids would join the Australian education system. I am planning on coming over this year and have an independent skilled visa. My my kids are aged 14 years, 16 years (just finishing GCSEs) and 17 years (just finishing first year A levels and will have AS level grades)

      Hopefully I can persuade the older ones to emigrate!

      I would be grateful for any advise or recommendations.
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      There is no real equivalent to GCSEs here, but the kids do the SACE which basically covers Years 11 and 12 (Year 13 is available at some schools and colleges also).

      It is probably a tough ask to put someone straight into Year 12 when they first arrive here, especially mid way through the year, so your older child might like to go into Year 11 - perhaps consider one of the Senior Colleges such as USC or Marden or Eynesbury (sp?), some of which also offer fast tracking into Uni if that's the future choice. Your 16 year old could go into Year 10 or 11, depending on whether you want him/her to hit the ground running or take some settling in time. Your 14 yr old could go into Year 9 or Year 10 I guess. My son is 14, turning 15 this May and is in Year 10 because he started school in the UK just after his 4th birthday, but most of his classmates are either 15 or 16 already.

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