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      Talking I Really Want To Go!!!!


      I'm Eleanor and me and my family have just sent off for our visas!!!

      Of course like everybody else i will miss my friends and family. But I am sooo looking forward to moving!

      A few years ago we were thinking of moving to Austrailia but i was only 9 then (i am now 12) and I wasnt really sure about it. At this time my sister was only 7 and she wanted to go more than me! Now...it's the other way around! She is having mixed feelings!

      I hope somebody writes back to this post and hopefully i will see some of you in Adelaide!!!




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      hi its georgia and im coming on to the idea a bit now but still need convincing.we are hopefully going to adelaide[cause its hotter,lol]so if i make friends on this site i can see them there.:)we would go somewhere about 40 minutes away from the centre of adelaide because we cant afford a place near the city xx georgia p.s write back:jimlad:

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      Hi georgia!

      It is good that you are coming on to the idea!!!

      Me and my family want to move to a house (hopefully) 10 minutes walk to the city centre and 10 minutes walk from the beach!!

      I hope that you get fully convinced. maybe we will end up in the same school or something!

      see you!




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      Hi Eleanor:p

      I'm really excited about going now. We don't know where we are going quite yet

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      I am really excited too!

      my friend coral said that she was gonna buy this ma-hoo-sive photo album and then put loads of pics in it. I have told a few people and a few of them cried. some hugged me and some other people took it well.

      Me and my buddie Sam were having this conversation where he kept asking me if i was for-reals!

      its was hilarious.

      i hope i see some of you guys there.

      BTW you should watch this TV show called Wanted Down Under! they sometimes have adelaide on it and it looks really nice!!!




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      the o'shea's



      My name is Caitlin and I am 11, 12 in May. I moved to Adelaide from England last November and it was cool!
      When we sent off for our visa's, it took a couple of months before they were posted back! If your patient then you'll have no trouble waiting. It was very stressful at first because I had to tell my friends and family and they were all crying and it was so hard. I pulled over quite easily though!!!:o

      Anyway, good luck and I hope your visa comes through soon!
      Hopefully, I'll see ya in Adelaide depending on what school ya go to!
      Ask me for any advice!!
      Caitlin ;)

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      heya xxxx
      my name is paige. i am 13 and will be 14 next month.
      i went to adelaide for three weeks over christmas.
      my cousins live in adelaide.
      ive heard that the schools are great.
      and yeah i'm gonna miss my mates to.
      we are hopefull mooving to adelaide in september.
      we have not long ago sent off pur visas.
      i realy want to go... we all do
      hope to hear from you soon.!
      love from paige ...x... ...x... ...x...

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      Hi everyone!
      Im Meggs and I'm, 13. Me and my mum are hoping to go travelling round the world in June or July for a year, and we will be in Adeleide for about 3 or 4 months. I'm so excited! We will probably be there over christmas, so I wanted to make some friends to possibly meet up with!
      Whats the best and worst thing about being in Adelaide and what do you miss most about the U.K.? How hot is it over christmas and are there lots of things to do?!?
      I watched 'Wanted Down Under!' Its really good, do u know if they r doing another series?
      Love Meggs X


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