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My family will be emigrating to Adelaide after my son has sat his GCSE's and hope to arrive before the next school year begins in Australia.
One of our main aims is to obviously arrange a school for my son as he wants to continue his education and hopefully go on to Uni.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has been through this and has any advice on enrolling at schools.
We have done some research and he would be starting in Yr 12???? Is this something which can be done before we leave the UK or do we have to wait until we are actually living there?

Many thanks
hi we head out on the 3rd July and my eldest completes her GCSE's too, i have contacted schools for both my girls and i do get replies but with the answer to contact them once we are settled and with a long term lease to see we are in the zoned area, also to book an appointment to look around the school. we need a school with good performing arts curriculum, I have been looking ages but not decided on one and i think it is best to wait until we are out there to check everything out, 16 is an age where it is so vital it is the right school for their progression to their future. really liked Brighton but will not be in the zone area.

good luck