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      I am writing from the TAFE library...today is my first day as a student...and it is brilliant. Best choice I have made in a long long time.

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      good for you !!!! what are you studying and what campus are you at ?

      i am so loking forward to starting mine in july .


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      poms in skegness
      Go for it.......Hope your 1st day went as well as you hoped!!!

      Very jealous......still waiting to hear from TAFE.

      How long did it take to get a reply from TAFE??? Did they reply by post, or did they send you an E Mail???

      Keep us informed on how you are getting on..


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      Nick & Jo
      Hi Jellybean and the other Jo at Poms in Skeggy

      I'm starting at TAFE doing accountancy diploma, just got start date of 17th July for induction day. Not sure where yet, we've only just sent acceptance letter back. When I get more info I'll let you know, as I am 'mature' student too.

      Of course we now have a rush on our hands as we haven't had any offers on house yet, but we're taking it a day at a time at the mo, and currently researching schools and areas to live. It would be great if I was at the Panorma too as we like the look of the southern area anyway.

      Where are you two based and Jellybean how old is your daughter, mine is nearly 9, called Lucy. She has started corresponding with some other children on this site.


      Jo - our application took about 2-3 weeks to get a reply.

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      where is he campus you are at?
      r u already in oz?
      haveyou found a school for your daughter?

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      is that reply from the college or how long it took for your visa, how did you find your medicals?

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      poms in skegness

      I found a page on the immi website, listing all the panel doctors.....


      Hope this helps


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      Hi all

      It is all going very well. The course is really interesting, and for one of my assessment I will be using the community in this forum!!

      My letter of accetance was about 10 days and was scanned to the agent (Study Options) and then to me.

      Any other queries let me know x

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      Hi Jo

      my daughter is 14 she is in Adelaide at the moment . we are going out on 22nd april induction like you is 17th july at panorama . we went to Adelaide 3 times last year so know the area very well. i was offered a place at the city campus which is lovely and modern but to be honest more for the younger students . panorama is quiet and quite small with a lovely informal atmosphere we also spoke to the staff there in admin they were really nice. i will be doing diploma in business admin. flagstaff hill and happy valley area are nice . have you got any idea where you want to be ? what TAFE campus have you applied to ? hope you manage to seel your house as july is not too far away !!!! i am sure accountancy is hels at panorama too. oh well student at 46 i am really looking forward to it !!!!

      my daughter is very happy at the school there.


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      poms in skegness
      The more I read, the more I start to get a little worried......

      It seems that you all prefer Panorarma Campus to Adelaide City with you being "Mature Students"....

      Having reached 36 the other day, I would class myself as "Mature", but am a bit concerned about going to Adelaide City Campus, and whether I will fit in.

      HELP, can anyone give me some positive thoughts.....



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