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      Nick & Jo
      Hi Jellybean and the other Jo!

      Haven't yet had to choose where to go, I assume this will be the next stage. I must say the Panorama would be the preferred choice, but if it's the city, I'm sure I'll cope. I take it Jo you are going to be in Adelaide, hey don't panic, you're the one with the life experience, you'll sail it!! Wherever I end up, let's all keep in touch and get together for support, this is bound to be a great experience! Also you can do my hair Jo! Can't remember what course you're doing Jellybean - you'll have to remind me! I keep losing track of who's who and what they're doing!!

      Jo x

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      I am a "mature" student...and I also worried about fitting in. However, after starting, I have realised that there is a mixed bag, I study alongside 18 - 55 year olds at Port Adelaide. It makes it all the more diverse and interesting. As the course you want is only offered at Adelaide City then you have no option. But the city is easy, convenient and a great place. I have to travel 1.5 hours on 2 buses through the city to get to my college!!!

      Don't be disheartened....as a hairdresser you need communication skills with all ages, varied ideas, trends etc...what better opportunity than your study place?

      C'mon Poms, you'll be moving to Oz....that in itself is fantastic x

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      Hey Nick and Jo

      Please dont forget me in this thread...its nice to be included xxxx

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      poms in skegness
      Hey, Fluff, Jo & Jellybean......

      Thanks for the support, I think every once in a while I get a bit jittery about everything.

      Fluff, that a good bit of travelling you do every day, but I'm sure it's worth it.

      Yes, we must keep in touch, to share experiences, as you say, We are all in the same boat.....


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      Nick & Jo
      Sorry Fluff, it's taking me a while to remember who's who! What course are you doing (sorry if you've already said, but I couldn't find any reference in previous threads) and whereabouts do you live? Are you having to do that travelling 5 days a week? I would guess that the buses there are much nicer than those over here and probably on time!

      Will keep in touch and arrange to meet up when we get there.

      Jo x

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      Hey all....

      I am studying Welfare Work at Port Adelaide, which is North West of the CBD. I do 3 full days a week...9-4...but yes it is worth it. I am living in St Peters which is slightly east of the CBD x


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