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    Thread: how and when to tell the kids we're going?

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      we have the advantage though that they already know what they are going to, all they worry about is making friends really :-)

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      Quote Originally Posted by AngPhil View Post
      Agreed, but letting them make some of the decisions helps too. Our 2 chose the short term let and they are really chuffed with that, as are we because it worked out the cheapest!
      Maybe we'll let them decide what clothes they can wear on the plane j/k. We'll definitely get their input on a whole host of things when we go, not sure what we'll let them decide but I think we'll try and find something. I like the idea.

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      We've been in a similar situation with our two kids, 11 and 6, but we've kept them involved all the way, and having been knocked back by vetassess last year after six months to re-think and re-apply under a different skill it looks closer than ever (awaiting answer from State Sponsorship). One of the things we've done is to get the kids talking about what they are worrried about and what they are looking forward to. We've also set them tasks to plan a day out in Adelaide (the 6 year old had to plan a day at Adelaide Zoo-so got to research what's there etc) and the 11 year old had to plan a day out to watch the Crows (having been watching them on ESPN). This has helped to give them a bit of confidence. They also do Judo here, so we have looked at what clubs there are nearby and started to make contact through facebook with the clubs they've found. We've tried to get them to look at what's not different to being in the UK (cinema's, swimming pools, climbing/bouldering clubs etc.).

      We're of the opinion that they need to be involved in things that are going to affect them directly otherwise they wont be able to tell us what their concerns are.

      Leaving their school friends behind is the biggest issue, but we've said we will set up skype for them, email accounts, contact details with their parents on facebook etc. Although it does help that we have quite a few family in Australia already so we know they can chat/play with kids they know (of).

      Each parent has their own methods and will only know how their kids will react to certain situations. This has worked for us, but may not for others.

      Still its a good mix of fear and excitement though isnt it?
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      I'm with Misplaced on this issue.When I separated from my aussie ex husband,my girls and I discussed our options,and we spoke about moving to the UK for 18mths before we actually moved.My kids were 11 and 9 yrs of age at that time.Had they of protested,we would of definately stayed in Adelaide,no doubt about that!It was really important to me that they were in agreement,and that their own happiness was paramount to anything else.I was "forced"to emigrate with my parents to Adelaide from the UK when I was 9,so I guess I was more sensitive to all that kind of stuff.Yes I realise that age 9,kids need direction ect,but moving 10,000 miles is a huge change,and it affects the WHOLE family.
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