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    Thread: Feedback on the education system in Adelaide please

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      Feedback on the education system in Adelaide please

      Hi, im completely new to this forum and so trying to find my way around. I am in the uk but seriously contemplating moving to Adelaide before xmas if
      my employment situation does not improve. I have a 13 yr old and 15 yr old and want them to come with me, what age do children stay at school until
      over there? how would you rate it compared to the uk's system? are the university fees similar to the uk, im thinking ahead for when they're little older lol

      many thanks for any advice :)

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      Here are some basics.
      High school begins at yr 8 level in most public schools. Kids are usually between 12 and 13 at the start of this year.
      The school year runs January to December with four terms. 3 x 2 weeks holidays and 1 x 6 week holiday over Christmas and the summer.
      School leaving age is 16 , I think they can leave at 15 the old school leaving age, but they have to go into training or a course at TAFE if they leave school.
      The final year of school is yr 12 when public exams and assessments are taken. There are no external exams before this.
      To complete secondary education students are encouraged to achieve their SACE which has two levels. SACE 1 subjects are usually done in Yr 11. SACE 2 in yr 12. There are some compulsory subjects which all students must do , English, Maths with a C grade pass at SACE 1 , being the main ones. Education in Australia is for Australia and its needs. Aussie kids become physicists, doctors , lawyers , nurses, business entrepreneurs, council workers trolley pushers as any other education system in the West. I wouldn't bother comparing it with the UK system as of course there will be differences and really it comes down to how much encouragement your child receives from you, and how much they themselves want to work. There are plenty of good schools here, you just need to find one that suits you and your children. All my kids went through the Australian education system and are succeeding in what they have chosen to do. One is working, the other two are on a pre uni and a post uni gap year.

      In high school yr 8-9 kids take a broad range of subjects and then begin to specialise a bit in yr 10, usually only if they want to continue languages or music etc. Some schools run general sciences or may offer pre chem/ pre physics. Students take 5 subjects in yr 11 and 4 plus a research project in yr 12.
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      Just to add, the school leaving age was raised to 17 a couple of years ago. You can leave if you are in alternative education such as TAFE, or you start work (with a form from the school) or you are lucky enough to get an apprenticeship.

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      At the moment university fees are cheaper than the UK, although that's a bit of a generalisation. PR is necessary and citizenship is also useful in obtaining assisted funding places. Who knows what it will be like in five years time though?

      This site should help - http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/StudyAssist/

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      Your 13 yr old will be in Year 8 and your 15 year old will be in year 10. In SA year 8 is the first year of high school, they stay ay Primary school that bit longer. Our 13 yr old's school fees are about $3000 for the year. Hope this helps.

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      Sarah, Royd, Lazy Cow & rachiegarlo thanks very much for taking the time to reply, youve given me some great information. I will endeavour to proceed with my visa application
      and hope I can be secure work there to give my boys a better life.
      Sincere Regards



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