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My son who is 8 is high functioning too. He was diagnosed when he was 4 too in Adelaide. He was 6 when we moved to the UK. He struggled big time in main stream schooling in Adelaide as the schools aren't as well equipped as the UK but the teachers did the best they could and they were quite cluee up with asd its just the government funding that is lacking. He did get help from autism sa which did help. Since being in the UK he has improved ten fold and the schools are better equipped. His main areas that need work are with social skills and making friends and he relies greatly on his older brother in break times but as of September the older one starts at high school so Xendan will have to cope on his own and the school is trying to work on it but we.ll just have to wait and see. I do have concerns on how he will adjust to schooling in Adelaide when we return next year as like i.ve said the school set up is different and he works best with one on one teaching and i know its not going to happen a great deal so i hope he doesn't go backwards after all the progress we have made here in the UK. I think i.ll definitely have to become more involved with the teachers and his learning to makesure he.s moving forward.
Hi, We are in a similar situation, high functioning child but who is in his last year of high school in the UK. We lived in Brisbane but left for the UK because of the lack of support for him in school. We miss Australia big time and would love to return but are worried about how he would get on over there.
Good luck with your return, hope it all works out very well for you.