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    Thread: Education questions - help please

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      Education questions - help please

      This post is of interest to us. we have a dilema of when to come over. We had planned to make the move this November but family illness has meant that we have had to change our plans. Our eldest is 14 and is starting year 10 in the UK and starting his exams. He will complete them at the end of June 2014, our visa expires on 3rd July 2014!! so close. He wants to go on to be a marine biologist but have heard that his UK education will not be seen favourably and he will have to repeat the exams in Adelaide. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Do all state schools charge fees or is this just private schools.

      Thank you
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      Hi there. I've split this from the thread you had posted it in and given it its own one. It will hopefully have more people reading and replying this way.

      Good luck with everything :)

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      If your son is 14 now - were you to come over this year he would probably go into Year 9. Some schools do internal exams from Year 10 onwards, but the main external ones are in Year 12 so even if you came over and he went into Year 10 (in 2013?) he would still have plenty of time to get some Aussie study in before his final exams. They narrow down their subject choice a little in Year 11, then even further in Year 12, so whether you came over before his exams in the UK or after it wouldn't make much difference here - however, if it didn't work out for you and you ended up going back to England, it would probably be better if he had taken his UK exams!

      Fees are payable at all schools, but they're in the hundreds of $$ in state schools, and in their thousands at private schools - although not as high as UK private school fees.
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