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      Hi its Hannah - NICOLE and HANNAH read this


      My name is Hannah and my family are hoping to move to Adelaide this year sometime. I went to the Northwest meetup with my Mum and Dad and met Nicole and Hannah. I would love to chat or email you and see how things are for you and if you are going to Adelaide yet. Maybe we could be friends in Adelaide. I would love to hear from anyone who already lives in Adelaide to see what you think of life over there and how it will be for me. I am 11 years old, love animals and have a wild imagination. I would love to be a designer when I grow up. I am using my mums macu68 at the minute but if I make loads of new friends I will use my own log on.

      NICOLE and HANNAH from the northwest meetup please get in touch, I would love to talk to you again.


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      Hi Hannah

      Its Mum, hope your friends get in touch soon.

      Mum xxxx


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