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      jill wright
      Hi Srah

      Really interested in this thread as my eldest Lucy is busy hard at work for her gcse's so its good to know they won't go to waste.Thanks for the info


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      I'm not sure how long it took for the accreditation - I sent the GCSE results by email from the UK in September, then booked the school placement for after the Summer holidays.

      My son started year 12 the following February and completed the SACE that year. :)

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      jill wright

      Where did you send the e mail to (its just that we will still be in uk when Lucy gets her results) You obvioisuly had picked a school then having picked a placement how had you decided this?


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      thanks guys
      really helpful. although I think the school that we may send the boy to will send him back 1/2 a year too to year 11.


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      we chose one of the senior colleges for years 11 & 12:


      We sent his results there and they dealt with everything. :)

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      Charles Campbell secondary school specialises in dance/performing arts. There are also plenty of dance schools where she would be able to dance as a SACE subject outside of school. Just a thought about skipping yr 11, most kids coming from UK are a bit ahead, but doing yr 11 before our final yr of yr 12 allows them to settle in , make friends etc, before the stress of yr 12. Five subjects are usually studied in the one yr, and a good many of those have heavy workloads, if not exams.

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      Thanks for that info rachel, I think our son was a bit disappointed that he would have to rpt part of his schooling but in my opinion you are right about reducing the stress levels, and hopefully he should settle in better. Things will be very different if you say that they study so many subjects in the final 2 years of school!



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