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      Smile Hi!

      My name is Emily J:)and I'm 9. I'm not sure about going to Oz because of family:(anyway the 1 thing I'm looking forward to is
      going to Shark Bay to feed the dolphin's AND sometime's the mum's bring their babies! soooo cool!:D

      Would love to hear from you!

      Emily J
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      Nick & Jo
      Hi Emily

      My name is Jo and my daughter Lucy is 9 later this month. I'm sure she would love to get in touch with you (it's her bedtime at the time of writing), so when we get chance, I'll show her your message. We went to Adelaide last year and Lucy loved it, I'm sure you will too.


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      Hi Emily,

      My name is Kim and my daughter is also called Emily - she is 10. She's at school at the moment but I will get her to send you a message later when she gets home.


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      Nick & Jo
      Hi emily, i'm lucy and i am hoping to move to adelaide later this year, lots of relatives live there, i keep in touch with a girl my age called Daisy, we always write letters to one another.
      Where are you hoping to move to?
      Look forward to hearing from you, and it is nice to talk to you

      Lucy xxx

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      Hi Emily - its Emily - how weird does that sound:)

      Im really excited about going to Oz - bit scared about making new friends, but mum says it will be ok.

      We're hoping to move over to Adelaide early next year, mum says she's got all her fingers and toes crossed (must be hard to do anything) Do you have any pets - we're taking our cat and dog.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Emily xx

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      Hi Emily and Lucy:)thank you for your messages, my parent's have been looking at going to live at Hallet Cove. We have'nt got any pets but we are looking at buying a puppy
      when we get thereDo you know what area you are going to?

      Look forward to hearing back from you:v_SPIN:

      Emily J

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      Hi !!!

      hi emily its hannah im 11 and im not sure about moving either because of all my family and friends i would love it if we could be friends in ozzy
      from hannah :o
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      Hi Hannah

      Thanks for getting in touch. I would love to be friends with you too! Do you know when you will be moving to Adelaide and where abouts? It will be either next year or the year after when we get there.

      Write back soon!


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      Nick & Jo
      We have been looking around hallet cove too!! it looks really nice. Our dog had to be put down a few months ago and my mum says we might buy a puppy when we get there, how weird is that?!?!
      Bye bye

      Lucy xxx

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      Crikey, thats really weird. Our cat was put down last October. We were really upset. Hallet Cove does look very nice. What else are you looking forward to in Oz?



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