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    Thread: How many terms in reception?

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      Hi, my daughter also turned 5 in June, we arrive on 12th October - what Reception term will she start and when would this be? Our other daughter turned 4 in July, I'm assuming she'll be repeating her Nursery year too. Does anybody know how many hours per week she will be doing?

      We've talked to them about repeating their school years again and we think they understand - they're just so excited about making new friends!

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      My oldest son finished year 6 in the UK and has gone in to year 5 here. His birthday is June and he is now one of the oldest in the class rather than the youngest. Although he finds some of the maths they do in class easy (he got a level six in his Maths sats before we left) they do other things that are new to him. The rest of the work they do is at a similar level to what he was doing before we left so I don't think he's going backwards in any way. Although I think he would have coped with the work if we had put him in year six I don't think he would have coped socially and emotionally. My youngest son had just finished year 2 in the UK and is in year 2 here. He's now one of the youngest in the class which is ideal for him. He was also very bright and at the top of his class in the UK but is getting work here that is challanging him and he is doing well.

      I know your daughter seems to have spent a long time in reception but if she moves up a year she will be the youngest in her year by quite a way. As others have said this might not be an issue now but could be a major problem later on, and not just when she hits the teenage years either. Have you spoken to the school to see what they think? The suggestion of getting her in to a mixed reception and year one class sounds like a good one. While all of us with bright kids like to think they are progressing intellectually we also have to look out for their social and emotional well being in the long term as well as right now.

      Good luck

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      It’s certainly seems a confusing system, my son was 4 very nearly 5 when he started Reception – Which was the beginning of May 2011 , his birthday was the end of May and he had to complete Three Reception terms then started year 1 in January (The same as all the others that started with him) I'm assuming something must have changed since then, six terms seems excessive .
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      Our son is going to be in the same boat. A year of reception here in the UK and then 5-6 terms (a year and a half potentially) in reception in Aus. I've accepted it and actually can see the positives in the short and long term outweigh the negatives (at least for us). Had we moved before next summer he'd simply not be starting school till it came round in Aus and he'd still do the 6 full terms of reception there and be one of the oldest kids. Its just we start them from 4 in the UK and 5 over there.

      Mainly that he would be with his actual correct age group and would not be the very youngest in the school year throughout school. It will also mean he'll play sports in his correct age throughout school and also as he gets older will be with his peers not with children a good year older than him.

      In the beginning when I was researching the do over of a year of reception did bother me but thinking it all over I like the advantages it will bring as he goes through his school life. My husband was always the very youngest at school and he also prefers our son be one of the older ones not the very youngest (our son is an early May birthday so misses the cut off by 10 days or so).

      I realise it might be a bit of a do over in some respects but also remember the new teaching system is coming in in SA now (national standards or some such) and so having that extra do over of reception may well be of benefit while they introduce the new set up in schools.


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