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      public or private primary schools in northeast? Parents opinions?

      Hi all,

      Have been doing a bit of research on schools. We're looking for hopefully a religious school with fees that are not too expensive.

      I would consider goverment schools as well but bit worried about the comments I've read on bullying/discipline. We were initially thinking of golden grove primary but have also heard good things about redwood park /greenwith primary? The school would be a big deciding factor on where we settle so I do want to make a good choice. I would look ideally for one whose primary focus is academics.

      I'm a little worried that my son would get bullied but I do want my twins to be able to go to the same school (I've got a girl and boy).

      How much in a year would a private school cost me approximately?

      I'm also considering pedare/trinity as well?

      Thanks !


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      Have a look at Highbury School - fantastic state primary, gave my two an excellent founding (especially the Year 6/7 teacher they had who was so good, they both got academic scholarships at the end of it to private high school) and has a great progressive head teacher now I understand. There are plenty of private schools around - St David's I know has a good rep, and there is the Torrens Christian School as well. Don't know about prices though, sorry - give the schools a call when you get here.
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