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      hi, moving in January , AT LAST !!!

      hi, does anyone know what year, at school, will my daughter go into when we get there, in January, she was 16 in july this year and has just started six form, is it the same ?

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      She could probably go into Year 11 (which is kind of like Lower 6th) - but you would need to contact the school asap for her to make her subject selections I guess. Theoretically she could go into Year 12: British kids start school slightly younger than their aussie equivalents so sometimes you find British migrants end up a bit younger in their year. For example, my son was 15 in May this year and is currently in Year 10, but most of his friends are already 16. However, Year 12 is a REALLY high pressure year, and as the mother of a Year 12-er at the moment, I would highly recommend starting your daughter in Year 11 so she can get used to the place here first, make friends etc, before the full delight of Year 12!
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