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      The Hadleys

      Red face is anybody waiting for a visa?

      hi my name is Zoe (age 10),
      Me and my family are waiting for a visa now. I hate waiting! Me and my sister are really looking forward to going to live in adelaide. I would love to hear from somebody whos in the same situation!:)

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      Hello Zoe
      I am Oliver age (9) I have a sister called Libby (5) I hate wating too.It Is so annoing isn't it. We hope to be out in Adelaide by the end of April.

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      Hi, from Natasha

      Hi,I hope you get there soon i haved to get the house donethen sell the house that will take forever my dad i trying to get a visa with my mum it's taking foreverand getting annoying my sisters are driveing me craze my bigger sister is very gobbyand getting so annoying.i hope you get one:)

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      anna niks
      hello i'm lillie ,
      we are waiting too , im 6 nearly 7 and my sister is 11 nearly 12 .
      our house is sold , we are just waiting to move out,, but we don't go untill september , so we are moving in with our aunty for a while . we are bored of waiting too .
      from lillie x x x


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