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Hi all

I said I was going to give you an update of the school situation. Unfortunately my OH had to move out of his rental place in Somerton Park which was in the catchment area for Paringa Park PS. He then moved into a new place with a friend in Salisbury until we got another rental place back in Somerton park. Anyway good news is we got another rental house back In Somerton Park area,moved in on the long weekend of Oz day, then the son started Paringa Park on the Tues.
First day at Paringa, I think i was more nervous than my son was, now 2 weeks in he loves the school, met some great friends and he has just spent 4 days at Port Noarlunga doing Aquatics (wave skiing), which i was very impressed because he never got to do anything like this before in Brisbane.

Now he is settled, i need to get out now and meet new friends during the day while he'll be at school, so if there are any ladies out there for coffee, chat just msg me.

Cheers guys it'll be nice to you all.

Hi Justine
so pleased I just read your post about schools in/ near Glenelg. I was originally planning to move to Brisbane but now as I have seen a few teaching jobs in Glenelg area we are considering moving to Adelaide instead. Really pleased your son has settled into school and enjoying himself, my son is 6 so its good to hear about the primary schools. Also wanted to ask you how you find Adelaide compared to Brisbane??