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      Seaford secondary

      We are moving to Seaford on Jan 8th. We have a 13 year old girl, and are considering enrolling her at Seaford as it is the closest school. We have read a few slightly negative comments on here about this school, and are a little concerned.

      Can anyone give any real feedback on the school, and the children that go there ?........ my daughter is not the most successful academically, so that is not really what I am concerned about, it is the fact that she is very keen to fit in with her peers, so I know for a fact that if there is a poor attitude or group that are cool but not into school, she will follow !!

      We are also considering looking for a house in Hallett Cove instead, as there are more positive posts etc regarding that school.

      SAny help appreciated.


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      Hello and welcome to the forum Becky :)

      I can't comment on the schools you are asking about but I am sure as those Aus side who can wake up you'll get some replies.

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      hello, if you ask lots of different people its likely you wil get lots of different answers good/bad. Iv heard good & bad about all schools in the area including Hallet Cove. My son has just graduated from Christies beach with an offer of a $25000 scholarship for Adelaide uni and that gets slated all the time.. My friends daughter goes to Seaford 6-12 and my sons girlfriend and as far as im aware there are no issues for them. I think its it something you may have to look in to yourself when your here, you don't have to commit now.

      Sorry my opinion, Lisa
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