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    Thread: Eyecare in Oz

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      Nick & Jo

      Eyecare in Oz

      Hi All

      I haven't read anything yet on here about eye-care services in Oz. At the moment, here in UK I receive a monthly delivery of 2 lots of contact lenses (my eyes are not suitable for daily lenses). Is there anything similar there? Also are glasses expensive to buy? I need to get a new pair soon so have to decide whether to buy here or wait til we get there in a few months. How much are eye tests? Nick and I are both eligble for free tests here as one of our parents each had glaucoma.

      Would be great to hear some feedback.

      Jo x

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      Richard & Amanda
      Hiya Jo,

      I would be interested to hear the answer on this one.

      I wear monthly lenses. I have just stocked up via the Asda website to take with me!!!!
      We fly in 10days - I think I have 6 pairs as an emergency supply

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      Nick & Jo
      Hi you two, would be interested to know where you're heading, as our daughter is 8 too (nearly 9), although we're not heading out til the end of June. We're looking at the Hallett Cove area (yes I know so is everyone else!!) but the sea views are just too good to resist!

      Good luck with the move!

      Jo x

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      I had the same worry before we came, I wore monthly contacts from Specsavers in the uk. I had always wanted laser surgery but it was something I had always put off.

      5 weeks before we flew I had the surgery done and its fantastic, I have neer been in so much pain in my life for a few days after but its worth it.
      No more contact lense care, taking them in and out and getting gritty eyes.

      A friend has just bought new specs for his 6year old son and they have cost over $500 , I did not realise kids in the uk got them for free. That a massive amount of money. So I don't think you will get free eye tests. I would buy new ones before you come.

      Another thing I also found out last week was that kids perscriptions are also not free, $15.48, which I would say is about the same as the uk ?


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      Nick & Jo
      Hi Tina

      Thanks for reply, must admit have wondered about laser myself but a bit squeamish, also my brother had it done and he was not over impressed with end result. Might do some reasearch before we get there, as my prescription quite bad.


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      Bex & Nick
      I've just had my eyes tested, which was for a contact lens check up. I couldn't fault the service. My husband also had his tested and thought it was very good and the optician made some minor amendments to his prescription to help improve his vision with contacts. I think he has a fairly substantial stigmatism which makes contacts uncomfortable at times. So far so good.

      The test cost just under $60, which you can claim back on Medicare. We had a slightly different experience here in that I had to go to the Medicare office to claim the money where as OH was able to get his bulk billed - I think this is because we saw different opticians (although both at the same branch!).

      As to contact lenses themselves, I can't remember what I paid, I think $110 but got $50 off because we have private medical insurance.

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      Hi all
      Check whether your optician bulkbills to medicare, it means they claim straight from government saving you the hassle of paying up front and waiting to get it back. A standard eye check is fully covered under medicare. Provision of lenses and frames are not, not even for children. If you are not on a permanent residency visa then you will have to pay for eyechecks as well as you are not eligible for medicare. If you can't afford full private healthcare, it is worth just signing up for the extras seperately to cover you for dental, optical, physio etc.My daughters lenses were about $100 and frames cam be anything from 150 - 400 depending on style you choose. Don't know about contacts sorry.

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      Bex & Nick
      If you are not on a permanent residency visa then you will have to pay for eyechecks as well as you are not eligible for medicare.
      I think this has recently changed - we checked with Medicare before having our eye tests. We are on an SIR495 and were eligible.


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