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      Post childcare advise


      I'm moving to adelaide next year with two child aged 9 and 12. due to the shifts that i will be working i will need some form of childcare. i was thinking au pair or even a student, has anyone used this way of childcare and if so how did it work for them. ideas are welcome


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      childcare advise

      At that age I would be more inclined to use out of school hours care at the school if it's offered.

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      After school care is good but for two children can get pricey. Also your elder child will be at High school in about a year and there are no provisions for before/after school care then. It also depends on your start and finish times of your shifts. Not many before school programmes suit a 7am start bearing in mind that they would have to begin at 6.30 ish to allow you to get to work.

      I would explore your ideas of student/ au pair. More people are turning to this sort of childcare because it is more flexible. http://www.smartaupairs.com.au/famil...FchZpQodQCUANA If you have a spare room then you can offer free accommodation to a student in exchange for childcare, but then you run into problems if the student's schedule doesn't fit yours.

      My daughter is currently au pairing in Paris with a family with school age children and it works well. She has free time everyday and all weekends. Doesn't pay well but then she has no bills.

      Some people pool their children and hire a nanny splitting costs.
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