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      Question schools in golden grove

      Hello to everyone on PIA just wondered if anyone has kids at our lady of hope school or Gleeson college. we have looked at the web sites but would like some feedback from people who have kids there. I have been offered a job at Lyell McEwin hospital so have been looking at properties in Golden Grove. Any views on this area and schools would be appreciated.

      Thanks Tina

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      Golden Grove is a fairly new area, it was only developed about 15 yrs ago. There are lots of families in this area whobought when it was new and it is still a popular place for families. I don't know much about Gleeson, except that it shares a campus with Pedare christianCollege and one other school. They share facilities like the library I think. I haven't heard anything bad about Gleeson.
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      I can recommend both these schools. Our Lady of Hope is next to the local state school Greenwith Primary. Its a lovely school, quite small and not too expensive. The school often asks for a letter from your minister as a reference but explaining you have only just got here and don't have a church sorted out should be OK.

      Gleeson is a private catholic secondary school. It shares certain facilities with Pedare Christian College (private) and Golden Grove High School (state). The schools are set in a triangle with the shared facilities in the middle. The schools do not share classes just the facilities which I think are metal, woodwork, drama and tech.

      My daughter has lots of friends who go to Gleeson and since they are teenagers they don't like it but their parents do.

      Golden Grove has a fantastic dance programme and they also have a pathway into Hairdressing if you have an intestested child.

      I would also have a look at these suburbs, Wynn Vale, Greenwith, Salisbury Heights, Modbury Heights and Gulfview Heights. These suburbs are an easy 10 minute drive in the car and about the same to Lyell McEwin. Also the bus routes are not far if you think they will be catching the bus to Gleeson. I would say its a 5 - 10 minute drive from one school to the other.

      Don't forget to have a look at St Francis Xaviers Catholic School at Wynn Vale, this is a feeder into Gleeson also. http://sfx.adl.catholic.edu.au/ and not to far away from Gleeson also.

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      Hi Jo thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Your information has given us some new areas and schools to look into. Thanks again Tina

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      Hi Tina,

      I have lived in Golden Grove for 15 months - please feel free to pm me with any questions you might have. Will be happy to help where I can.



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