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      uni rules of entitlment

      we were wondering if anyone that is already resident in adelaide is familiar with the universitie rules of entitlement, for example we have just been granted our perminent residents visas, and should be landing in oz around july or augest time. and our eldest daughter is looking to enrol in the universitie of adelaide on an english course. now we expect that we will have to pay but she must be entitled to some form of student loan of some description. anybody out there with any info,

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      Pm Mrs NPB I think her name is.

      I think she has a child who has just started...find out from her.


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      If you are a P resident you dont pay as much as international student fees. But you cant have HECS loan until you are a citizen. Also when you are a citizen you get the right to pay up front thus saving 20%
      This is definate info, son started in feb after being told "yes you can"/ "no you cant" for a few weeks


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