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      best schools and family area

      hi guys just signed up today need some advice on best schooling areas as our children are 2 and 5 we are awaiting our medical dates so hopefully not long now, also good area for my wife to get out and about and not feel isolated, would like a area with family activities.any advice would be much appreciated

      tony and em

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      This kind of thread often starts a bit of an arguement - everyone lives in different areas and lots of people think there area is the best with the best schools, but who is to say which of us is right? To be honest the best school is not necessarily the best school for your child anyway and you are better looking for schools that are more geared towards your childrens interests and needs.

      There are lots of good primary schools in Adelaide and the best way to start looking is to probably narrow down the areas you might consider living in first. So, for example, if you have your heart set on living near the beach there is no point in me recommending schools in the east of Adelaide. If performing well in tests in important to you then it is possible to find out the schools Naplan results (a bit like Sats in the UK) but there are no league tables so you have to look at each one in turn. You can get the results for each school from the myschool.edu.au website. I'd also suggest looking at the individual school websites and reading the context statement on there as well.

      Most areas in Adelaide are pretty family friendly, although I'd probably avoid places like Norwood and North Adelaide which are both pretty comopolitan and probably less family friendly. Although I'd love to live in either if I could afford to. When deciding where to live it's worth thinking about where you might be working and what kind of commute you are prepared to do. There is no point in deciding that you are going to live in th far north of Adelaide if you are likely to end up working in the far south.

      There are quite a few threads around these kind of subjects on here. Have a read of them and see if they can help narrow down your search and give you a kind of starting point. Good luck.



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