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      Does anyone know where you can find out what each of the school categories actually mean. I know there are 7 of them, based on the "Index of Disadvantaged ...something or other".

      I was at the decs website where they refer to to constantly, just can't find them defined anywhere!!!



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      DECS schools are arranged in seven different Index of Disadvantage categories. Category 1 schools are the most disadvantaged and category 7 the least disadvantaged....category 1 schools are where the background of the kids can be transient population, poverty, eg disability, English as a second language, Aboriginality, family dislocation, transience and health issues. Kilburn has a category 1 index of disadvantage. Your category 7 school will be full of bright kids from stable backgrounds with few severe learning difficulties, etc. If you search the teachers part of the DECS website under Index of disadvantage you will probably find a large pdf with info.
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      Thanks, that's what I wanted to know!


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