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      Most kindy's cost around $60 - $80 per term. A term is usually 10 weeks so its quite cheap really. We don't have the government vouchers here like you do in the UK.

      Full time Day Care can be very costly its usually $30 per 1/2 a day but you can get discounts depending on your income. Lots of Day care centres have a kindy as well so you could pay for 4 kindy sessions a week and then the Day care payments. As I said it is all income based, so the more you earn the more you pay for Child care.

      To have a look at some of the option available have a look at this website, this is where my daughter goes to Kindy, I pay $70 a term, its just gone up and they have a Day Care attached, they also do lunch care where for an extra $10 per session you can leave them for lunch and pick them up at 3pm. The only draw back to this is you have to drop a kindy session for the week. The context statement gives a full list of what services they offer.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachiegarlo View Post
      Hi Jacinta,
      Your daughter is entitled to 4 terms at kindy before starting school. However as your daughter turns 5 in June, she will have to do 6 terms in REC, if she starts school in July. This is in State schools as they found that those who only did 2 terms in REC then moved up to Grade 1 in Jan had the highest proportion of strugglers by grade 2/3. They could also end up in classes where everyone else was nearly 1 yr older than them which makes a huge difference in terms of physical capabilities and mental development, especially with boys. A lot of people delay kindy enterance so that their child starts in Jan. However if you have a child who learns quickly you can apply for early enterance to school.

      There are montessori kindys which will start at 3 yrs, but they can be pricey.
      Some of the private schools have a proper school class called Prep for 4 yr olds, but it depends whether you want to invest in school fees.

      Some kindys offer the 4 sessions as 2 full days, or 1 full day and 2 half days. Some kindys only offer the four sessions as half days, depending on how big they are.

      There are plenty of playgroups, kindergyms, swimming classes, music / dance classes for your other children.

      How much are private day nurseries roughly?
      I currently pay 37 per day 8.30 till 5 but i can use salary sacrifice vouchers towards that which i notice some australian employers endorse.


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      Annesley college (girls school but accepts boys in kindy, kids can start at 3 1/2)
      morning session 8.30 -12.15 $27
      whole day 8.30-3.00 $47 drawback only operates during term time.

      St Johns Grammar 3 1/2 can enter montessori
      Monti (No Government funding)
      One session per week (Initial term only)$348Two sessions per week$584
      Preschool Four sessions per week$422

      Seymour College (girls schoolbut takes boys in preschool)Pre School operates Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 12.15pm with out-of-hours care available from 7.30am and from .12.15pm to 6.00pm. Can start at 3 1/2.Also has a Prep class for girls age 4 who are ready for school.
      I dont know their fees, but it would be similar to Annesley, maybe a little more.

      Montessori centres are usually attached to private schools but there are a few stand alone ones. http://www.montessori.net.au . You can find info on their fees there.

      Little Princes Kindergarten

      Schedule of Fees for 2008

      Program Option Charge per Term

      2 Day Program 2 mornings $ 640.00
      1 full day & 1 morning $ 851.00
      2 full days $1,035.00
      3 Day Program 3 mornings $ 940.00
      2 full days & 1 morning $1,302.00
      3 full days $1,480.00
      4 Day Program 4 mornings $1,213.00
      2 full days & 2 mornings $1,558.00
      3 full days & 1 morning $1,736.00
      4 full days $1,914.00
      5 Day Program 5 mornings $1,480.00
      4 full days & 1 morning $2,159.00
      5 full days $ 2,293
      Full days run from 8.45am until 3.00pm. Morning sessions run from 8.45am until 12.30pm.
      Pirie Room
      The Pirie Room accommodates students aged between 3 years and 4 years for a minimum of 2 mornings per week up to 5 full days per week.
      Flinders Room
      The Flinders Room is for children between the ages of 4 years and 5 years. The recommended program for students in the Kindergarten Room ranges from 4 mornings to 5 full days per week.

      Little Princes is the kindy at Prince Alfred College, a boys school.

      Childcare centres here are the equiv of private nurseries in UK I think. There are no government childcare centres. Fees for full daycare are around the $50-$60 mark. Some organisations do have salary sacrifice and you can package your school fees/childcare into that. If you are on a PR visa you will be eligible for childcare benefit to help reduce costs.What you get is worked out on what you earn.

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      Thanks for that, so looks like i will be paying around the same. My daughter is only 1 so only 4 more years of paying nursery fees!!

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      woody crew

      Smile get your head round kindy/pre-school

      Quote Originally Posted by cint&mark View Post
      Hi there - just wondering if someone can help me understand how the pre-school situation works, for when we move to Adelaide this summer. We've got a little horror who'll turn 4 this June - she currently attends a nursery, [full day, 5 days a week], attached to the local school. She absolutely loves it and i'm a bit worried about how she'll cope once we get to Oz and she then doesn't attend school till she's much older. How does the whole pre - school thingy work out there? Is it just for the odd day/part day each week up until age 6? I ask this mainly cos i've also got a 2 1/2yr old too who would be ready by summer to start some kind of play group if we were staying here ... and also a 6 month old who i'd like to take to a mum's n' tots group. Would i have to pay for the 4 yr old to attend somewhere?? Hope my confused ramblings will make some sense to someone!!
      Thanks muchly, Jacinta

      Hi there, .
      I had some really good info on the kindy sent to me so
      hope it helps as it did me.

      In South Australia children are entitled to attend 4 sessions of preschool a week in the year before they start school. they have an intake every term.
      Preschools in oz come under the umbrella of the Department of Education and are therefore funded by the Government.
      Parents pay a small fee to help cover some costs. Our fee is $50 per term and this includes the cost of a performance at the Kindy.
      Government preschools also offer a session called Pre entry for children in the term that they are turning 4. It is a short session each week of 2 hours which enables children to get used to being away from parents, with other adults and in some cases, with other children for the first time. That session is $20.
      They usually start children in Pre entry in the term they are turning 4.
      My daughter is 3 in august,so she would start after the July school holidays in 2009. She would do the Pre entry Friday morning session for that term, and would start her 4 Kindy terms, with up to 4 sessions a week in Term 4.

      Children must have turned 4 to start full time Kindy.
      She would then start school in Term 4 in 2010.

      Parents can choose to send children for mornings or afternoon sessions, Monday to Thursday and most Kindergartens now offer a full day i.e 2 sessions in a day to working families etc. There is a cost for this- lunch care between the sessions, of in our case $5 each full day. This covers the cost of employing the staff member to be with the children while other staff have lunch.

      there is also playgroup in which not like here its more like our mother n toddlers, so you have to stay with them.

      hope this helps and good luck

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      Many thanks for that - much appreciated. I feel a lot clearer on the whole thing now! Jacinta
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      Quote Originally Posted by cint&mark View Post
      Many thanks for that - much appreciated. I feel a lot clearer on the whole thing now! Jacinta
      No worries,
      So do you think you will be in Adelaide by Aug 08,
      We are hoping to be there before december, will have to just be patient,
      Where do you hope to live when you get to adelaide, if we end up being near to each other maybe we could meet up!!!
      Have you any friends or family there?
      bye for now


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