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hi all,

Thanks very much for all your helpful replies.

It's given me lots to think about.

We would prefer a religious based school is possible - christian/catholic but are not aversed to other possibilites.

There is no special interest we are keen on - as long as the school is well rounded with good teaching support, good facilities and co-ed we are happy!

I guess in the end we will probably settle in either the eastern suburbs/north eastern suburbs and we want to live near the school if possible. Hence our search focussing on schools initially as this will decide a number of other factors.

Looking at other threads of state vs private for primary schools, it all seems much of a muchness? Is it worth spending the money on an expensive private primary or should we save for a private secondary education?

Alternatively, are there any good low-medium cost primary schools that people can recommend in the northeastern/eastern suburbs - ie the ones you send your kids to! :)

Hi, Did you sort a school for your children?
Do you have any advice on your findings? We visited in Dec/Jan and checked out a few schools (for our move in July 14) ... In the end we have decided (we think) on Temple Christian College (Mile End) - which, although in the city (near Adelaide High) has are very good transport links - as well as the high academic standards, sporting options and great faith values. It will cost us about $6k per year for our son (year 9).
Look forward to hearing what you found,
Blessings, Sarah