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      caz and wayne

      hello this is Thomas

      we are moving to adelaide in june or july. I am 9 and my sister Emily is 8. my favourite sport is football and i love spending time with my family. my favourite food is pizza and barbecue ribs. I love sweets. my mum is carolyn and my dad is wayne.

      Im excited about moving because they are mad about sports in Australia. but I'm going to miss my nana and papa because i love them. What is it like in Adelaide for kids? Are there lots of football teams to join?
      Are all the schools good for learning?

      I would like to make some friends before we get there and hope to hear from some kids the same age as me and Emily very soon.

      What food do you have to eat in Australia?


      I hope to see you soon

      Love Thomas
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      Hi my name is Meg I am 8 nearly 9. We only got here on monday so I dont know what school is like but the food is fine. Just like in the UK. We had heard sausages were yuk but we had some this week and they were ok. The play parks are good too everything works! We went to one the other day that had gym stuff for grownups too!!!!!! My brother is 6 and my sisster is 2.

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      Hi Thomas

      My name is Bailey and I am 7 years old. Ihave lived here for 9 months now and have 3 younger sisters aged 4, 2 and 7 weeks. I really like it here, Ihad my school sports day yesterday which was great because my school in UK never had them. The food here is much the same as UK and i really like the pizzas.


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      charlie brickie
      hi im charlie and im 10 my sister is 7 shes georgia.Im really exited to be going out over there but also a bit sad because im leaving friends and family.Also


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