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    Thread: What school year groups?

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      hi guys my name is Calum I'm scrivs son. I'm in year seven so this is my first year in comp in the UK and we are moving to AUS in January 14 BUT ...I dont want to go back to primary!!!!:( Has anyone had to do that and did you survive?? I think we are going to be living in Henley Beach area.

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      Quote Originally Posted by TheBirdsIOM View Post
      Hi Guys

      I am confused.......:0?

      My eldest was born June 2004 and my youngest Nov 2006.

      Eldest currently year 5 and youngest year 2

      Hope to be over Feb time but probably wont get them in to school until April time.

      What years will they be in ?

      I was never very good at maths ! lol


      I reckon that next school year (starting Jan 2014) your eldest would be in year 4 (and one of the eldest in the class) and your youngest would be in year 2.
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      Hi Calum

      My son is currently in yr 6 at primary school but if he was in the Uk he would have just gone into yr7 like you. He is very bright and he didn't want to do yr 7 here so he sat the IGNITE test at Aberfoyle Park High School and we are pleased to say that he got in and will now miss yr7 and go straight into yr8 in January. Maybe if your parents contacted the high school that they want you to go to and explain that you are already at high school in the uk they may take you early. Each school is different and you will just have to wait and see. My son currently goes to high school one morning a week to do maths as he is so far advanced I think his teacher has given up on him so the high school very kindly offered to take him for a lesson a week to keep his brain challenged!!
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      I wouldn't worry about 'going back to primary school', In some schools high school doesn't start to yr 8 others yr 10, some schools have yr 7 and 8 as middle school. Its more important about how you feel in your classes lots of friends your age, understand the work (in those yeas there is a lot of focus on australia so it might be good)the naming of years and systems doesn't really matter cause schools aren't as rigid, my school was an R-12 for example reception to year 12 so I didn't really matter what the stage was called.

      I was a few weeks into yr 9 when I left in about October, I started School in November two weeks of year 8 and then in February was back to year 9. Plus you do lot of different lessons, like Health, Photography, languages, etc. So its no big deal.
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