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      Schools and child minders - Costs

      Hi, my wife and i hope to be in Adelaide this time next year.

      We have two children and i have some questions regarding both of them...

      My Daughter will be six next June and has just started her 1st year of school having completed her reception year before.
      Can children start at a school 'mid term'? and what are the schooling times, terms and are there any costs involved?

      My Son will be three in February and as my wife and i will have to work full time, will require a child minder/nursery?

      Are the costs for nursery/childminders as prohibitive on OZ as they are here in the UK?

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      From my research they are priced in a similar way, but as long as you aren't earning big money and have permanent residency visa's, half your childcare costs are subsidised.
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      Yes children can start school mid term, mine even started on a Tuesday (Monday was a sports day). There are school fees here for state schools and the exact amount varies by school. Our school fees were about $380 per child for the year this year plus an $80 excursion fee, although it is possible to not pay the excursion fee and pay for stuff as you go along. The school my kids go to provide all the paper, pens, etc but other schools expect you to provide these as well. There is also the cost of the uniform to consider, although depending on the school you may be able to by things cheaper at Target or Kmart rather than the school uniform shop. Private schools will cost more for school fees and these can vary from $2k to $20k a year.

      The school day times will vary from school to school but will usually be around the 9 to 3:15 times. The school term dates can be found by googling "school holiday dates South Australia 2014". I can't help with the childcare thing as my kids were both school age when we moved over.



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