Hello, my husband and I are hoping to move to Adelaide in January. We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I have been getting in touch with various daycare centres and preschools and majority of the responses I am getting back is that they are full and we can be placed on an extensive wait list. I'm really worried about just turning up to Adelaide without having secured childcare for my kids as my husband and I will both be working. Does anyone have any experience of what the deal really is with the long wait lists. How easy/difficult is it to just turn up in Adelaide and look for childcare/preschools ?

Also, my daughter is currently in Reception here in the UK and I'm concerned that she will be dropping a class by going into a preschool instead of Reception in Adelaide. Is there a way of ensuring that she doesn't fall behind as we I'll be returning back to the UK in a years time.

Any advice or guidance will be greatly appreciated!